Verona Hall of Fame at The Villa

On February 17th, The Villa at Mountain Lakes hosted the Verona High School Alumni Association’s 7th Annual “Hall of Fame” Dinner.  The event honors VHS alumni who have demonstrated career excellence in fields including athletics, academics and art.  

Robert Frungillo noted, “This event is near and dear to us.  My brother Jerry and I both attended Verona High School and I live in Verona with my family.   Our family takes great pride in the achievements of this high school and its community!”  

Congratulations to the distinguished alumni who were inducted the 2012 VHS Hall of Fame: Anthony Fasano ’02, Dawn Scott Mulligan ’85, Coach Dutch Wermuth, Major General Donald Strait ’36, Tom Valente, and Dwight  Hemion ’44

For more information or to nominate a recipient for next year’s VHS Hall of Fame please visit the VHSAA website:

To plan your special event with Frungillo Caterers call us at: 973.256.9380

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2 Responses to Verona Hall of Fame at The Villa

  1. Robert\Jerry

    I know I’m older than you guys but I just wanted to compliment you on the great job you do every year for this event. I’ve attended at least 5 and have never been disappointed. I’m particlarly proud of both of you and your connectivity to the special town we all grew up in.

    Norm Liedtke, VHS, HOF inductee 2008

  2. blog_admin says:

    Thank you very much, Norm. It’s a true honor to get a compliment from a VHS HOF inductee! We look forward to seeing you at the special event next year…and the year after that…

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