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Spend The Night In New Jersey’s Most Majestic Castle For An Unforgettable Experience

New Jersey is home to several stunning castles but one offers visitors the opportunity to spend the night. An astounding architectural feat surrounded by natural beauty, a stay here is absolutely unforgettable. Perhaps best of all, it’s actually affordable.

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Frungillo Caterers is one of New Jersey’s premier catering and hospitality companies with 40 years of experience, designing award-winning weddings.

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Ela & Marcus: The Castle at Skylands Manor

Ela’s day started at her home in Bloomfield NJ. As I arrived, hair and makeup was underway and Ela’s dog greeted me at the door wearing a tux! I loved all of Ela’s vintage details! Once everyone was ready, the stretch limo arrived to pick the girls up.

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Unwind: Autumn & Winter at Skylands Manor

The autumn and winter months tend to bring on busy days filled with holiday shopping and events. A “staycation” at the B&B at Skylands Manor offers our guests a special opportunity to unwind, take in the beauty of the changing seasons, and spend quality time with friends and family in a cherished historic NJ landmark.

I sat down with Linda Pergola, Director at Skylands Manor, to create our top 5 favorite things to see and do at Skylands Manor as the days get shorter and cooler:

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Kim and I are Social Media and Marketing interns at Frungillo Caterers. We’ve been working on many of the company’s social media sites – including this blog! Kim is completing her B.A. in Communication at Bloomsburg University and I am working towards my B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers University.

Girls at the Prom

Kim (second from left) with friends in red on prom day.

We didn’t know each other before coming to Frungillo Caterers, but it turns out we do have som interesting things in common. Kim and I are both from North Jersey. Kim is from Verona and I’m from Montville (only a few miles away from each other). We both have previous experience working in the hospitality industry at local restaurants. Last but certainly not least, we both had our respective high school senior proms hosted by Frungillo Caterers in the Grand Ballroom at The Villa at Mountain Lakes.

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