Frankie Pergola, Sales & Event Specialist
/ Giants Fan

Hi, I’m Frankie Pergola, a Sales & Event Specialist at The Villa at Mountain Lakes and HUGE Giants fan. Needless to say the NFL football season has been amazing this year and I can’t wait for Super Bowl Sunday! It may surprise you, but working with hundreds of Brides and Grooms over the years (and being married myself) I’ve noticed that Weddings/Civil Unions actually have a lot in common with Super Bowls. I’ll explain…

To make it to either "Big Day" you must:

1) plan and practice with ALL of your heart,
2) have the commitment and perseverance to overcome ANY challenge, and
3) ALWAYS keep your eye on the prize (you have to be “in it to win it”).

At Frungillo Caterers, we are part of your team and do everything possible to ensure your “Big Day” is a WIN. In celebration of Super Bowl 46, we are offering an incredible Wedding promotion:

15% discount to couples that schedule a first time tour of The Villa at Mountain Lakes (NJ) on Super Bowl Sunday 2012 between 9am-1pm AND book their Wedding on the spot! A very limited number of tours available, call me to schedule yours today:
973-335-5300 x62

Game on Brides and Grooms … and Go Giants!!

All my best,
Frankie Pergola
Sales and Event Specialist/Giants Fan
Frungillo Caterers

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973-335-5300 x62