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What is a bad question?
A question that makes someone repeat what they just said.
A question that answers something that you are unaware of.
A question that “questions” why someone is doing something?
There are no bad questions. When you ask a question,
          it proves that you are listening and that you care.

The following is acceptable:
To arrive 10 minutes late for work without calling your supervisor.
To have an alcoholic drink at the end of the event.
To take off your jacket after getting approval from your Maitre’d.
To wear flip flops during set up of an event.

Who in our organization has the greatest influence on the clients and their guests?
Jerry and Robert; after all they are the bosses.
The chef, because if the food isn’t good, the clients and guests will be unhappy.
The server, because it’s the server that comes into intimate contact with
          every client and guest and it’s the server that is the “front line” to make sure
          that the food is right and the guest’s needs are taken care of.
The drummer in the band because it’s important to keep a good beat.

“Service” should not be identified as the following:
Serving should be done humbly.
Servers should portray themselves as “Upper Class”, since we are dressed in tuxedoes and work at a fancy place.
Serving people is a very noble and honorable thing to do.
Servers and bartenders are really important to me when I am out at a banquet hall or restaurant.

What do you want the clients and guests to say about you when they get into their car and drive home?
My server, “your name” did a wonderful job at the event.
The Villa (or our other locations) is a place I’m going to recommend to all of my friends.
The service at the event was excellent. Things were done in such and efficient,
          professional AND unobtrusive manner that it seemed like no one was there.
All of the above.

While serving “The Wave”:
Servers need to know which Maitre ’d and table they are to go before they leave the kitchen.
Servers need to “line up” in the kitchen while waiting for their food AND servers must leave as a team
          AFTER the chef/expediter lets them know when to leave and AFTER the chef/expediter repeats the
          table number, Maitre’d and amount of each type of entré that goes to that table.
Servers that are NOT serving, must know their assignments during the service portion of the evening.
All of the above.

It is OK to take any linen off of a table when:
All the guests have left the room.
The rental company comes to pick up the linens.
The Maitre’d lets me know that its time to take the linens off.
The band has left the building.

When setting a table, we always do the following:
Set it the way the Maitre’d shows us how to.
Set flatware first and napkins last.
Make sure that everything we set is clean.
All of the above.

While on “the floor” it is OK for me to not be looking at my Maitre’d when:
I am pouring hot coffee into a cup.
The Maitre’d is cutting the cake with the bride and groom.
The host is giving a speech and I am very interested in what he is saying.
The Maitre’d is doing the wave across the room and I am at my table folding napkins.

The following is correct:
I can grab knives by the blade when I am in the kitchen.
While clearing I can fill up my tray AND carry extra items in my spare hand when it is really busy.
It’s OK to pick up a glass at someone’s table and fill it.
I must “slide” my coffee cups to the edge of the table BEFORE I bring out the coffee to be poured.

A 60” round table needs the following linen to go to the floor:
A banquet linen which is also called a 72” by 120” Linen.
A 90” by 90” linen.
A 120” Round linen, because the table is 60” across and 30” high so;
          60” + 30” (on one side) + 30” (on the other side) = 120”.
Any size linen as long as the table is set on the floor without the legs set up.

The following is correct concerning buffet tables:
There should be enough room away from the wall in order for a server to comfortably
          fit there to serve from, when there is service provided.
“Clips” must be placed every 12” when using a skirt.
Skirts can be “adjusted” by raising them higher or lower on the clip.
Everything placed on a buffet table must be placed by first going around the back
          of the table in order to not spill anything in view of where the guest will be standing.
All of the above.

The following is NOT correct concerning Chaffing dishes:
Water should be filled in a chaffing dish to “the first line of Linda’s thumb”.
Food should be uncovered in the kitchen and “re-covered” with newly folded
          aluminum foil BEFORE being brought out to the buffet table and be placed in the
          chaffing dish from the rear of the buffet table.
Sternos are put out by using a flat plate and then that plate is immediately placed in the dishwasher.
“Fancy” or “Silver” and “Wire Rack” chaffing dishes all get the same amount of water.
Serving clients and their guest is a lot like:
A wrestling match. We must fight to win the approval of our guests.
Dating. We must do whatever we can to show the guests that we genuinely want to make them happy.
A war. We need to Kill the guests with kindness and Win their praise.
All of the above.


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