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Fall Wedding at Skylands Manor


The autumn and winter months tend to bring on busy days filled with holiday shopping and events. A “staycation” at the B&B at Skylands Manor offers our guests a special opportunity to unwind, take in the beauty of the changing seasons, and spend quality time with friends and family in a cherished historic NJ landmark.

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Kim and I are Social Media and Marketing interns at Frungillo Caterers. We’ve been working on many of the company’s social media sites – including this blog! Kim is completing her B.A. in Communication at Bloomsburg University and I am working towards my B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers University.

Girls at the Prom

Kim (second from left) with friends in red on prom day.

We didn’t know each other before coming to Frungillo Caterers, but it turns out we do have som interesting things in common. Kim and I are both from North Jersey. Kim is from Verona and I’m from Montville (only a few miles away from each other). We both have previous experience working in the hospitality industry at local restaurants. Last but certainly not least, we both had our respective high school senior proms hosted by Frungillo Caterers in the Grand Ballroom at The Villa at Mountain Lakes.

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Skylands Manor featured by NJ Monthly Magazine

Skylands Manor is well-known and cherished by New Jerseyans as one of Frungillo Caterers’ unique wedding and special events venues.   Did you know that it is also a one-of-a-kind Bed-and-Breakfast?

Located in the heart of the New Jersey Botanical Gardens in Ringwood State Park, Skylands Manor offers 44 stately guest rooms that reflect a time gone by and have been recently restored to include modern amenities.  There are endless things to do year-round, and in the summertime the gardens, woodlands and surrounding towns are in full bloom.

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"When this you see Remember Me"

Craving one more holiday gift? Here's your chance to win a sweet prize!

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It's Thanksgiving Eve!

Frungillo Caterers' Traditional Turkey Station

Frungillo Caterers' Executive Chef Joanna DeFrancesco shares four TERRIFIC TURKEY TIPS that will have all of your guests asking for seconds, thirds, and leftovers to take home. These are very easy tips you can do right now and as you prep and cook tomorrow.

So, if your turkey is sitting in the fridge all nice and covered up, finish reading this post and go implement Chef Joanna's first tip right now!

To achieve a crispy, golden skin leave your turkey uncovered in the refrigerator overnight a day before roasting.

Do not overstuff your turkey; loosely fill the cavity with your stuffing or just fill with aromatic vegetables (onion, carrots, celery, & garlic with fresh herbs are great!)


Leave it alone!!! Oven temperatures fluctuate every time you open the oven door; which increases your chances of a dry turkey.


Remove the cover from your turkey approximately 45 minutes before it’s done and make sure you let it rest for 15 – 20 minutes before carving.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And, if you have a Terrific Turkey Tip to add to this list, share it with us and our fans on FACEBOOK:
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