A Holiday Greeting (20 years in the making)

Hope Lives at Christmas

Last weekend, we hosted the Bryan Wedding at The Inn at Millrace Pond. As always, the Bride and Groom are our honored guests but on this particularly weekend there was another very special couple staying at The Inn: Mr. and Mrs. Carroll.

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll approached me and explained that they would be staying in their room all day and did not need anything at all from our staff. As it turns out, they had come to The Inn to write out their Christmas cards – and having been doing so for the past 20 years!

Mr. Carroll was raised in West Caldwell, NJ and now lives in the oldest house (100 years old) in Chatham, NJ with his wife. They are both in their 80s now. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll think The Inn is “a beautiful, peaceful place” that provides special inspiration for reflecting and writing. I think this is such a nice tradition. They just love this place and so do I – especially during the winter holidays.

While our Bride and Groom partied the day and night away in the formal dining room, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll were busy reminiscing about the previous year and drafting heartfelt holiday cards in the privacy of their guestroom. It was truly special to host a Bride and Groom on the first day of their new life together while also hosting Mr. and Mrs. Carroll for the twentieth year in a row.

On behalf of myself and my colleagues at The Inn at Millrace Pond, have a safe and joyous holiday season. We hope to see you soon!

Lily Fucci
Manager, The Inn at Millrace Pond

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