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The Frungillo Hospitality Group is excited to announce our new partnership with Passaic County Technical Institute.

We are honored to be selected as a member of their advisory board. This past month the Frungillo team took a trip back to school where we participated in judging the NASA Lunch competition. Students at PCTI were challenged to create a hearty soup, not only following restrictive nutritional standards but the soup needed to hold for use in microgravity as the meal will be consumed in outer space by astronauts. We extend a huge congratulations to the students as they won the competition for the second year in a row making a delicious “Blast Off Beef Stew”.  

Later in the month we had the opportunity to return to the school to provide a presentation to the students. This was an amazing experience as we got to share our love, passion, and experience in the industry. It is great to work with such young passionate minds in the culinary field. The students once again amazed us by preparing an evaluated lunch for our team. Their dedication to the culinary industry is well beyond their years. We look forward to one day having them join the Frungillo team.

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